Redmi 12 5G Full Dump File (16GB) DOWNLOAD (sky)

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By bablu

Encountering a dead boot or no boot problem with your Redmi 12 5G (sky) can be perplexing. However, there’s a solution – flashing the Full Dump File. In this guide, we’ll provide comprehensive instructions on how to effectively address this issue.

Understanding the Process: It’s crucial to understand that directly flashing the Full Dump File onto the Redmi 12 5G via a USB connection isn’t viable. Instead, you’ll need to utilize a Mipi Tester or Easy JTAG box to connect to the UFS IC for flashing the file using a computer.

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Backup DirectorySKhynix HN8T162EHKX041

Steps to Flash the Full Dump File:

  1. Gather Necessary Tools: Assemble essential tools including a Mipi Tester or Easy JTAG box, a computer, and the Full Dump File.
  2. Extract the Full Dump File: Download and extract the Full Dump File onto your computer for easy access.
  3. Connect the Mipi Tester or Easy JTAG Box: Disassemble your Redmi 12 5G carefully to access the UFS IC. Connect the Mipi Tester or Easy JTAG box to the UFS IC following provided instructions.
  4. Launch Flashing Software: Open the compatible flashing software (e.g., Easy JTAG Plus) on your computer.
  5. Initiate Flashing Process: Within the software interface, select the option to flash the Full Dump File and follow on-screen instructions.
  6. Wait for Completion: Allow the flashing process adequate time to complete without interruption.
  7. Reassemble the Device: Once flashing is successful, cautiously reassemble your Redmi 12 5G.
  8. Test the Device: Power on your device and verify resolution of the dead boot issue.