Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.2.1 Setup Download

Octoplus FRP Tool v1.2.1 Latest Setup Download

Octoplus FRP Tool v1.2.1 Is Most Powerful  Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, general ABD Reset FRP method added! Samsung SM-G9200 Frp Reset via UART Samsung SM-G9208 Frp Reset via UART Samsung SM-G9209 Frp Reset via UART Samsung SM-G920P Frp Reset via UART Samsung SM-G920R4 Frp Reset via UART Samsung SM-G925P Frp Reset via UART Samsung SM-G928P Frp Reset via UART Samsung SM-N9200 Frp Reset via UART Samsung SM-N920P  Octoplus FRP ToolFrp Reset via UART ZTE Blade Z Max Z982 ZTE Max XL N9560

Octoplus FRP Tool v1.2.1 Software Download Here


Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.2.1 Release Notes:

? Added “Reset FRP” feature for the following devices:
Lava P7 Plus FRP Reset
Lava Z60 FRP Reset
Leagoo M5 FRP Reset
Leagoo Z6 FRP Reset
LG K4 Lite (X230DSV) FRP Reset
Micromax Canvas 1 (C1)  FRP Reset
Micromax Canvas 6 (E485)  FRP Reset
Micromax Bharat 4 (Q440)  FRP Reset
Panasonic Eluga A3  FRP Reset
Turbo-X O FRP Reset
Ulefone Power FRP Reset
Ulefone S8 Pro FRP Reset
Wiko Jerry 2  FRP Reset
? Released new world’s first Reset FRP solution that works for all firmware versions and latest security patch levels for the following MediaTek CPU-based LG devices:
LG M250, M250AR, M250E, M250F, M250H, M250N, M250Y, M250YK
LG M250DS, M250DSN, M250I, M250K, M250M
LG M320AR, M320F, M320N, M320H, M320K
LG M320, M320DSN, M320TV
LG M400AR, M400F, M400MT, M400Y
LG M400DF, M400DK, M400DY, M400N

Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.2.0 is out! Added support for new Huawei, Oppo, Wiko, Gionee phones and more! Octoplus FRP Tool v.1.2.0 Release Notes:
? Added “Reset FRP” feature for the following devices:
Coolpad 3505I (thanks to Mr. pandoragsm)
Gionee A1 (thanks to Mr. deeptelecomzira)
Gionee A1 Lite (thanks to Mr. pandoragsm)
Gionee P5 Mini (thanks to Mr. deeptelecomzira)
Gionee X1 (thanks to Mr. pandoragsm)
Huawei Mate 10 Dual SIM (Huawei Alps) (ALP-AL00)
Huawei Be Y Phone LTE (Huawei Venus) (VNS-L62)
Huawei MediaPad M2 7 Youth Edition Dual SIM / MediaPad 7.0 T2 Pro (PLE-703L)
Huawei MediaPad M2 7.0 Youth Edition (PLE-703LT)
Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite 8.0 (Huawei Chopin) (CPN-L09)
Huawei Honor 4C / G Play Mini (CHM-U01)
Huawei Enjoy 7 Plus Dual SIM (Huawei Toronto) (TRT-AL00A)
Huawei GT3 Dual SIM (NMO-L23)
Huawei Y5 II (CUN-L01)
Huawei Y6 LTE (Huawei Scale) (SCL-L32)
Huawei Y6 Pro (TIT-AL00) (thanks to Mr. pandoragsm)
Lanix Ilium X500B (thanks to Mr. Maurioski)
O.phone Pascal 4.0 (thanks to Mr. imanka)
Oppo A37f
Oppo A37fw
Oppo A57 (CPH1701)
Oppo A71 (CPH1717)
Oppo A83 (CPH1729)
Oppo F1s (A1601)
Own Smart 8 (thanks to Mr. Maurioski)
Twoe E500A
Vodafone Smart E8 (VFD511)
Wiko Lenny 2
Wiko Sunny (thanks to Mr. odeltacy.gnuz)
Wiko U Feel Prime
? New Samsung combination firmwares were uploaded into the Support Area
? All supported operations are described in details in Software manual (“Help” button in Software)

? General ADB Reset FRP Method added. By using this method you can reset FRP on devices, which already have enabled ADB. To apply this method, just select “Device vendor: General Reset FRP Methods”, select “Device model: ADB Method”, connect the device to PC (if necessary install ADB driver), and press “Reset FRP” button. Octoplus FRP Tool
? New Samsung combination firmwares were uploaded into the Support Area
? All supported operations are described in details in Software manual (“Help” button in Software)

How to reset FRP in Google Pixel Pixel XL Octoplus FRP Tool

1. Download “Google_Pixel_Reset_FRP.oct” firmware form the Support Area from the folder “FRP/Google PIXEL” for Google Pixel device (or “Google_Pixel_XL_Reset_FRP.oct” from the folder “FRP/Google PIXEL XL” for Google Pixel XL).
2. Select “Google Pixel” (or “Google Pixel XL”) in the list of Software.
3. Put the phone into Sideload Mode and connect it to PC.

To put the phone into Sideload Mode, do the next steps:
– Remove SD and SIM cards from the phone;
– Power phone OFF;
– Press and hold “Vol-“ and “Power” buttons;
– Wait until the phone enter in FastBoot / Bootloader Mode;
– Select Recovery Mode;
– Press “Power” button and shortly “Vol+”;
– Select “Apply update from ADB”.

4. Press “Reset FRP” button in the Software.
5. Select “Google_Pixel_Reset_FRP.oct” firmware for Google_Pixel (or “Google_Pixel_XL_Reset_FRP.oct” for Google Pixel XL) and press “Open” button. Software will begin to write selected special firmware.
5. When “Write Firmware” operation is finished, device will appear in Recovery mode. Reboot the phone to System and go to the page, where the phone asks to Sign in with your Google Account.
6. Go back to the first Welcome Page.
7. Go to “Vision Settings” -> “Talk Back” and enable it.
8. At “TalkBack tutorial” window draw “L” gesture for showing “Global Context Menu”.
9. Select “TalkBack Settings”.
10. Scroll down with 2 fingers, find and disable “Explore by touch”.
11. Scroll down further (with 2 fingers) and go to “Help & feedback”.
12. Select “About Switch Access for Android”.
13. Start playing “Switch Access for Android” video and click “Share” at the right side of the screen.
14. Hit 3 horizontal dots (“…”) and YouTube will open.
15. Minimize video (slide it down), then click on 3 vertical dots at the right upper screen corner (or on account image) and go to “Terms & privacy policy”.
16. Press “ACCEPT & CONTINUE” , then “NO THANKS” and now you are in Chrome browser.
17. Type in url line “http://goo.gl/k7NVE1” then update permissions (Chrome needs storage access to download files)->“CONTINUE”->(“Allow Chrome to access photos, media, and files on your device?”)->“ALLOW”. As a result, “FRP Bypass” App will be downloaded.
18. Fast press “OPEN” to open the downloaded APK.
19. Press “SETTINGS” in “Chrome…” window and enable option “Allow from this source”, go back and press “INSTALL”, and then press “OPEN”. Now you are in “FRP Bypass” window.
20. Press “Google Account Manager APK Install” and select (press) “FOR VERSION 5.0” (if necessary, modify Permissions).
21. After APP will be installed, press “ByPass FRP” -> “BROWSER SIGN IN” -> “3 vertical dots” -> “Browser sign-in”->“OK”.
22. Enter your Google Account (mail and password) and sing in, then wait about 30 seconds, APK will display an error (Google Play services has stopped). Don’t press “Open app again”.
23. Press and hold “Power ON” button and restart the phone.
24. Go to “Users accounts” in phone’s menu and remove account.
25. Go to “System”->“Reset options” and perform “Erase all data” (factory reset).
26. Done!