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MTK Engineering Mode apk with Codes all Version latest setup

This mtk engineering mode apk app file helps you to repair your android phone by yourself .

MTK Engineering Mode apk app

MTK – Its full form is MediaTek, and it is a company from Taiwan which deals in technology products, manufacture, designs and distributes chips in a very cheap prices, that is why they have made the very cheap Android devices.

MTK Engineering Mode is a specially designed application that allows you to activate system setting (‘SERVICE MODE’) in an MTK device.

MTK Engineering Mode is an app that act as a mediator between your “android phone” and “you” for communaicate each other . by the help of MTK Engineering Mode apk app you can change or repair smartphone’s system setting in a very easy way .

Features of MTK Engineering Mode apk

  1. Testing of hardware features for troubleshooting purposes.
  2. It also enables tweaking of android phones including changing the imei number of mtk android phones .
  3. No rooting is required

Note – Samsung phones are not supported in this app, only mtk android phones which runs on android version 3.0 and above will be supported by this MTK Engineering Mode apk app .

This version is little similar to “mobile uncle” and “mtk engineer apk” with new and beautiful features .
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MTK Engineering Mode_2.1_.apk (english)

mtk-engineering-mode-1.1_.apk (english)

MTKEngineerMode.apk (spanish)

MTKEngineerMode_v1.1.apk (spanish)

MTKEngineerMode_v1.1.1.apk (spanish)

MTKEngineerMode_v2.0.apk (spanish)