All Imei Repair Tools For Android Download

Maui META 3G MTK IMEI Repair Tool

This tool work only mtk (mediatek) android mobile phone imei solution

Produce :-

  1. Power on phone
  2. connect phone to PC
  3. asking drivers give him
  4. than turn off phone
  5. Open maui META tool
  6. In Options trick 2 one ( Connect smart phone into a META mode)
  7. press Reconnect
  8. than inset cable
  9. asking CDC drivers give him
  10. after 1 min popup imei tool tab
  11. than press ( Change NVRAM database file) and give it
  12. than give both imei ( What u need like 35 or 911 etc )
  13. than press Download to flash

MTK Android IMEI and SN Writer Tool Download

This tool work only mtk (mediatek) android mobile phone imei solution

Produce :-

  1. Open IMEI Writer Tool
  2. At left side under platform Choose Smartphone
  3. Just Below To Platform Choose USB
  4. Then Tick mark on IMEI 1/2 & Write Your IMEI in Empty Box
  5. Now Select DB File As Per Your MTK
  6. Now Click on START & Wait

SPD WriteIMEI IMEI Repair tool

This tool work only SPD (spreadtrum) android mobile phone .


  1. Setting of IMEI.
  2. Setting of BlueTooth and WIFI.
  3. The first 14 numbers of IMEI when “Auto-Generate IMEI ” is checked.
  4. Setting of checking version, include software version and AP version.
  5. Setting of SN(serial number)

RDA 881X (8810/8815) RDA IMEI Repair Tool with USB Driver

This is the best platform for downloading the latest version of RDA IMEI Repair Tool .

RDA IMEI Repair Tool is used to Repair IMEI On All RDA Devices of all Brand . this is the best tool for repair the IMEI of RDA Devices . so Download and enjoy .

Some Features of RDA IMEI Repair Tool

  • By the help of this tool you can repair IMEI on All RDA Chipset devices .
  • As well as  MBSN , PSN and LCD NAME also repaired by this Tool .