How To Use Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool User Guide [Tutorial]

How To Use Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool for Qualcomm Chipset

The Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool will work only on Xiaomi Devices which is running on the Qualcomm Chipset, means having the Qualcomm CPU. This is the tutorial for how to use Xiaomi Mi flash tool. This tool will not suppot the Xiaomi Devices which are not based on Qualcomm Chipset like MTK, SPD, and many Other, With the help of Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool, you can flash any Xiaomi smartphone or tablet in Fastboot Mode .

Fastboot method is the best way to flash MIUI, when a device is bricked/soft bricked or you want to install MIUI from your PC/Laptop. Xiaomi provides Mi Flash Tool to flash fastboot ROM directly from your PC, in any Qualcomm chipset based Device .

How To Use Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

Important Notes For How To Use Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

  1. If you have installed older version of Mi flash tool you need to uninstall it first .
  2. Mi Flash Tool is supporting only Qualcomm devices .
  3. Mi Flash Tool will not support the devices which is older than Mi3 .



Requirements for flash Xiaomi Mi smartphone

  1. Mi Flash tool Download Mi Flash Tool
  2. USB Cable
  3. Mi Firmware Flash Rom Download Mi Firmware

Mi Flash Tool Download (All Versions)

Steps for How To Use Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

  1. Download and install Mi flash tool Mi flash tool Download
  2. Download the Firmware Of your Mi Smartphone
  3. Decompress or extract the Firmware at a specified location .How To Use Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool
  4. Turn off the device.
  5. Press the Volume down key and the Power button at the same time to enter Fastboot mode.
    How To Use Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool
  6. Now connect the device to the laptop via USB cable, click on “Refresh” Button (circled out in Yellow) to see your Device in the flash tool .How To Use Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool
  7. Select Flash ROM which you have downloaded and extracted in your hard disk .
  8. Now click on the “Flash button (circled out in red) to flash the ROM file to the device.
  9. Once the progress bar inside Mi Flash tool get fully green, it means the ROM has been successfully installed.How To Use Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

Mi Flash Tool Download (All Versions)



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