Evercoss Flash file All firmware Stock Rom Direct Download

Evercoss Flash file and original Stock Rom  Available

“Evercross” world,s First company that tie up with Google for launching Android Smartphone in Indonesia with the name “Android one”. Evercross launched its first smartphone in the month of February 2015. Here on this page we have managed the Evercoss Flash file and flashing ROM firmware of approximately all Evercross Smartphone.

 Some features of Evercross Smartphones

  • Supports Face lock for unlocking the screen
  • Supports Fingerprint or biometric lock
  • Radio FM, Bluetooth, 3g, 4g, gsm, and CDMA
  • Gesture smart access and USB OTG Supports
  • Dual camera and Voice Camera shoot option
  • Full HD Screen and various Google services

working Evercoss Flash file Download Links given below

Evercoss Flash fileDownloadEvercoss Flash fileDownload
Evercoss A53 StarDownloadEvercoss U50A MaxDownload
Evercoss M70DownloadEvercoss J4CDownload
Evercoss U6DownloadEvercoss U55Download
Evercoss U50BDownloadEvercoss U50ADownload
Evercoss S50DownloadEvercoss L557Download
Evercoss L5033DownloadEvercoss Genpro XS50DDownload
Evercoss A75BDownloadEvercoss A74E StarDownload
Evercoss A74ADownloadEvercoss W12ADownload
Evercoss U45DownloadEvercoss S50ADownload
Evercoss AT8DownloadEvercoss AT8DDownload
Evercoss AT8ADownloadEvercoss AT7JDownload
Evercoss AT7H PlusDownloadEvercoss AT5Download
Evercoss AT1GDownloadEvercoss AT1CDownload
Evercoss AT7DownloadEvercoss A7KDownload
Evercoss A7FDownloadEvercoss A7ADownload
Evercoss A75ADownloadEvercoss A75LDownload
Evercoss A74JDownloadEvercoss A74CDownload
Evercoss A66DownloadEvercoss A66SDownload
Evercoss A65DownloadEvercoss A5Download
Evercoss A5ZDownloadEvercoss A5TDownload
Evercoss A5KDownloadEvercoss A5CDownload
Evercoss A28TDownloadEvercoss A28MDownload
Evercoss A28BDownloadEvercoss A26BDownload
Evercoss A26ADownloadEvercoss R40HDownload
Evercoss R40CDownloadEvercoss M40Download
Evercoss J5DownloadEvercoss W503Download
Evercoss J40ADownloadEvercoss B75Download
Evercoss B74DownloadEvercoss B55Download
Evercoss U70DownloadEvercoss S55Download
Evercoss R50DownloadEvercoss R40ADownload
Evercoss AT1DDownloadEvercoss A75WDownload
Evercoss A75GDownloadEvercoss R50EDownload
Evercoss A65ADownloadEvercoss A7ZDownload
Evercoss A7NDownloadEvercoss A76Download
Evercoss A7DownloadEvercoss A851Download
Evercoss A28DownloadEvercoss A2Download
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All the Evercoss Flash file are good in working and with the help of these flash file you can easily flash and unlock your Evercross Smartphone without any box or dongle only you need a flash file and a Flashing tool.

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