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By Fayyaz Ali

If you have either UFI or Easy Jtag Plus Box and unable to operate. You can join our training program to get in-hand experience.  Training covers all operations. By enrolling in training you will become efficient users of UFI & Easy Jtag Plus box. 

We have a team of Mobile Trainers with over 15 years of Experience. We have trained more than 2000 students through our Online & Offline Training Center .  

The course includes support of 1-year to make students efficient after training. 

What you’ll learn in training:​

UFI & JTag: 

  • UFI/Jtag Installation
  • ISP, ISP Voltage & ISP Details
  • Difference between EMMC & EMCP
  • Emmc Voltage
  • Clock speed
  • Baud rate
  • How to identify Emmc
  • How to read Emmc information
  • What is dump
  • How to Read dump
  • Read security backup
  • How to create userarea size
  • What is exclude user area
  • Custom area Boot size
  • RPMB size
  • How to fix boot area
  • What is Partition Confirmation

UFI & JTag: 

  • What is CID
  • What is CSD
  • How to check Emmc health report
  • What is Nand test
  • How to remove permanently write protected
  • 90 percent consume solution
  • How to unlock online model without credit
  • How to flash online model without authentication
  • Bad health solution
  • What is factory image
  • Download Firmware on UFI
  • USB flashing with UFI
  • ISP flashing with UFI
  • Create ISP in new model Error solution
  • OFP Extract


  • All Components details
  • All IC and Section
  • Working of each IC
  • Charging, Mic, Network and Speaker
  • Schematic reading & Fault Finding
  • How to connect ISP
  • Reballing , Broken balls fix & Pasted IC
  • Fix CPU and EMMC
  • Black & White Pasted IC
Upcoming Batch: Starts from 28th Feb, 2021. 

UFI, JTag & Hardware Training: 

  • Duration: 12 Days (1 Hour Daily)
  • Original Price: Rs. 7,990 
  • Offer Price: Rs. 6,990

UFI, JTag & Hardware Training with Borneo: 

  • Duration: 12 Days (1 Hour Daily)
  • Original Price: Rs. 9,990 
  • Offer Price: Rs. 8,990
  • Single User Borneo Tool

Note: TV Training Free

Training Batches: 

  • UFI Training (Hindi & English: Separate)
  • Easy Jtag Plus (Hindi & English: Separate)

 Timing: Can vary

  • 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM  
  • 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM 

Video link of Training will be shared at the end of the training.

Doubt Clearing Classes: Daily 1 Hour

Support: Free After Training (1 Year)

Student’s Testimonial:

The only method to repair a Dead phone and bring back to life is through EMMC Repairing or Reballing.

We use Easy Jtag Plus box or UFI to boot repair dead phone which has gone dead through Flashing.

Bricked phone can also be repaired through Boot Repair Boxes.