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The Easy JTAG Box software is a powerful tool designed for advanced mobile device servicing. Offering a wide range of features, this software assists technicians and enthusiasts in performing various tasks, including flashing firmware, repairing boot, unlocking, and much more.

Easy JTAG Box Software Download:

  1. Flashing Firmware: It enables users to flash or upgrade firmware on a diverse range of mobile devices quickly and efficiently.
  2. Repair Boot: The software allows repairing the boot of supported devices, addressing boot-related issues effectively.
  3. Data Recovery: With Easy JTAG Box, users can recover lost or corrupted data from compatible devices, ensuring data integrity.
  4. Unlocking: It supports unlocking various device models, providing users with the flexibility to use different networks or carriers.
  5. Partition Management: Users can manage device partitions, enabling efficient organization and allocation of storage space.
  6. Brick Recovery: It assists in recovering devices that have been bricked due to software issues or improper flashing.

How to Use Easy JTAG Box Software:

Using Easy JTAG Box software involves a few essential steps:

  1. Installation: Download and install the software on a compatible PC or laptop.
  2. Connecting the JTAG Box: Connect the Easy JTAG Box to the computer via USB.
  3. Device Connection: Connect the target mobile device to the JTAG Box using appropriate cables.
  4. Software Interface: Open the Easy JTAG Box software and navigate through its user-friendly interface.
  5. Performing Tasks: Select the desired task (flashing, repairing, unlocking, etc.) and follow the on-screen instructions carefully.
  6. Monitor Progress: Monitor the progress of the operation on the software interface.
  7. Completion: Once the task is complete, disconnect the device safely and verify the changes made.

Compatibility and System Requirements:

The Easy JTAG Box software is compatible with various Windows operating systems, including Windows 7, 8, and 10. Ensure that your PC meets the minimum system requirements for seamless operation.


The Easy JTAG Box software is an indispensable tool for mobile device technicians and enthusiasts, providing a wide array of functionalities to perform various tasks efficiently. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features make it a go-to solution for mobile device servicing needs.